Psychological Counseling and Evaluation

for Adults, Adolescents and Couples

Hello and welcome. I am a Philadelphia area clinical psychologist dedicated to helping people of all ages understand and resolve their problems.

In therapy, I try to create a space where people are accepted, valued and appreciated for who they are. Working from that base, together with the client, I use my knowledge and skill to help him, her or them find the unique solution that will work. My primary goal is to make sure they use their own skills and abilities effectively. If they need to learn more than that, I help them learn it and then do what they need to do.

Problems I address range from depression to anxiety to relationship issues to family conflicts. I also help families with adolescent- and child-rearing challenges as well as individuals with learning difficulties.

I welcome the opportunity to tackle any issues causing an individual serious distress and to help them work through those challenges in therapy.

Dr. Steven Shelly